Dan’s Pie Company

Address: Unit 2E Pocklington Industrial Estate, Hampden Road, Pocklington.
Area covered: Pocklington & surrounding villages.
Additional Information:

Thirty years after introducing our steak pie to Wolds Inn, our passion and love for homemade, mouth watering pies continues to grow, bringing you enjoyment in every mouthful, we have expanding our filing choices and are continuing to grow the business more, our first stage of expanding and rebranding is with our name change to Dan’s Pie Company.

Choose from Steak, Chicken & Ham,  Beef Mince  and Spring Vegetable Pies.

Our signature pie’s are delivered to you frozen and uncooked. store in the freezer until you are ready to cook at home for a fresh, mouth-watering pie you would think had just been baked in Dan’s kitchen that day.

Order directly from our website.

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