Bob Morgan

Bob was born in Beverley and served in the RAF before joining the Met police.

Gill Healy

Gill was born in the East Riding and has lived here all her life.

Chris Healy

Now living in Fridaythorpe, he understands the needs and concerns of both rural and urban communities.

Dale Needham

I have been a Town Councillor in Market Weighton in the past and retained the role for 5 years. I was also a co-opted onto Stapeley Parish Council in Cheshire and prior to moving to the East Riding.

Gareth John Shephard

I choose to be part of the LibDem team for Pocklington and surrounding areas because I know their values are clearly focussed on representing local people.

Andrew Cousins

Our role as Lib Dems is to put our communities first, representing the people to the local Authority, not the Local Authority to the people. I believe that infrastructure should benefit the communities in which it resides not just augmenting general coffers and I will fight to bring the monies paid out by developers back […]