Cllr Leo Hammond, a former pupil at one of the primary schools affected by the proposed change in the Woldgate admissions policy has accused the Wolds Learning Partnership of discriminating against Church of England Primary schools in his Ward.

He says,
“Your proposed new admissions policy would see our local children suffer, as if they do not conform to one of your trusts primary schools, they will most likely end up having to go to secondary schools out of our area, separating them from their community, potentially leading to isolation and harm to their well-being and ability to learn.
Your proposed policy will see our local rural primary schools suffer, because without a clear route to a secondary school they will become less attractive to parents and therefore less viable, putting their futures at risk. This is not acceptable, we should be doing all we can to support these schools, not damage them.
I find it extremely concerning that that all the schools your new policy seems to be discriminating against are Church of England Primary Schools. I find it equally concerning that unlike in previous years, your trust has not sought the advice of the Local authority.
Woldgate School was once a great pillar of our community, however, if you continue to campaign on this you will isolate yourselves. I strongly urge you to reconsider your admissions policy”.

Comment: The local authority, ERYC no longer has any say in the way the school is run.

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