At their meeting on Wednesday night town councillors discussed the planning application for the Woldgate school development.

Before the meeting began a member of the public addressed the meeting and explained that it was initially planned to demolish the caretakers house which is on site to provide access for contractors. This would have left the caretaker effectively homeless. The project team have now reviewed their plan and agreed a new access route so the house will be saved. Councillors agreed to monitor future developments.

In their formal comments now posted on the planning portal the council states:

  • The number of EV charging points isnt sufficient given the growing number of electric cars. There are only 8 proposed and this should be increased.
  • Town Councillors had concerns that the travel plan didn’t propose any improvements to the existing footpath/cycleway network to the school. This should be addressed as part of a Safe Routes to School project. This would encourage more pupils and students to cycle or walk to school from the town and decrease the number of car journeys by parents.
  • Could a condition be placed on the application that an improved travel plan be produced. This plan should propose improvements to the footpath/cycleway network to encourage more pupils & students to walk and cycle.


The Town Council can only make comments on the application. The East Riding Planning Comittee will make the final decision.

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