I attended the monthly meeting of the Pocklington Town Council  on 15 March 2023 as a reporter but I confess to writing this as an interested resident so you might find it somewhat subjective.

As usual ward cllrs David Sykes and Paul West were on hand to talk about their work and achievements over the last month.

They reported that:

  • East Yorkshire buses are making changes to their X46 service. (Press release from EYMS dated 3/3/23. Nothing to do with the council).
  • A new power cable is due to be installed from Scotland to Drax but will not impact Pocklington.
  • East Riding Council are to install electric charger points in Pocklington but they didn’t know where or when. (Posted by Andrew Sayers on 13 March.)
  • Over 85’s living in a house rated A or B for council tax will be able to claim a one off payment of £85. (ERYC Press release)

(In the past I have been told I cannot raise matters that do not happen in Pocklington (like A1079 traffic) but ward Cllrs talk about anything but Pocklington issues and no one bats an eyelid – arghhh)

They did not mention:

  • The state of the roads. (TBF not surprising as last month Paul West couldn’t think of one road that needed resurfacing)
  • The fact that Woldgate and Pocklington Junior schools say they haven’t got enough money to cope with increased pupil numbers.
  • The future of Burnby Hall. (Though Paul West and the Mayor did mumble something about a meeting which they didn’t seem to wish to expand on).
  • Any news about the Gladman development.
  • The bus shelter.
  • Banking provision after HSBC closes.


To be fair and transparent none of the above were mentioned by any town councillor either even though Town Cllrs have:

  • Been discussing the Gladman site with the developers.
  • Talking to Link about banking provision.
  • Been made aware of the school issues.
  • Asked Ward Cllrs at the last meeting to reprioritise road resurfacing.
  • Have had conversations about Burnby Hall.
  • Raised the issue of the bus shelter at their last meeting.


I was going to ask about these issues but decided against it as I made myself as popular as flatulence at a wedding when I asked questions last month.

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