There is to be a meeting between Ward Councillors, the Deputy Leader of East Riding council and ERYC Deputy Chief Executive in January to discuss the future of Burnby Hall (The building not the gardens).
It sounds like the Burnby Hall Gardens Trust have no interest in acquiring the building so other parties are being consulted about its future including Pocklington & District Local History Group who would like to establish a museum/heritage centre. According to Mayor Cllr Steve McCann it also seems that other local groups might be interested in taking some space in the building which would continue to accommodate some ERYC staff. The Mayor has asked if the Town Council can be represented at the January meeting. (Shame he had to ask but there you go).
A source tells me there was a conversation between ward councillors and the Heritage Trust during the ‘Heritage Festival’ in November and there could be further talks in 2023.
Hopefully a business plan/vision will be thrashed out in the New Year. I am unclear about whether the council wants to sell the whole building or rent out the space but these could be some options:
1. ERYC retains the building and fill it with tenants.
2. PTC take over the building but would need funding from tenants and/or grants.
3. A local benefactor could buy the building and let PTC administer it.
4. A local business could buy the building and rent out the space.
5. One organisation could raise money/grants to buy the building.
There’s clearly a lot of work needed but it would seem that there is a head of steam building for a museum

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