There have been many posts across the Christmas period about the temporary fencing across the side entrance to the old railway station which is now a sports hall for Pocklington School. In order to provide a full and balanced picture of what is happening and why I talked to a spokesperson for Pocklington School.

Ongoing Issues.

The school took the decision to apply for planning permission for a permanent fence with a heavy heart as they want to support the local community. However, during the last three years they have had to deal with people setting fires, graffiti (including a swastika), people getting drunk and throwing bottles into the road and people defecating in the loggia of the former railway station.
As a result, school staff are frequently having to clean up around the entrance which is used by staff and pupils for access.
After being served with an enforcement order by East Riding council to remove offensive graffiti the school realsied they needed a long term solution.
The school decided not to install CCTV due to data protection issues. Many people don’t like being recorded whilst waiting for a bus.
Serious incidents are reported to the police and Pocklington Town Council have also been made aware of ongoing issues.
ERYC gave planning permission to install metal railings across the loggia before Christmas and the school is currently seeking quotes. A conservation officer from East Riding Council supported the school’s decision to install the fencing and after a site visit reported:
“It is very unfortunate that antisocial behavior was causing damage to the former entrance to the station. Graffiti was present on the walls as well as damage to the windows, the area was also clearly been used as a toilet and therefore the listed building and its setting was being destroyed.”.

Short Term Christmas Solution

The temporary fencing was as only intended as a short term sticking plaster. It was installed on 21st December in order to prevent serious issues such as fires and allow school staff to have a restful Christmas and avoid being called out to incidents. It was removed on 4th January.

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