I have just managed to get a copy of the newsletter which the weasel posted about yesterday as it doesn’t seem to be available on the councils Facebook page or website so I am posting it here to ensure balance and transparency.

Leaving aside the content, what struck me is that it is very self-congratulatory and very negative at the same time.

A lot of the first page is about the last Parish meeting having to be suspended due to disruptive behaviour. Two alleged assaults have also been reported to the police.

There is also mention of a ‘Human Resources Meeting’ on 3rd August the details of which cannot be shared so I wonder if we will ever know what’s really going on.

The second page seems to be an attempt to publicly shame the previous council for not sticking to procedure relating to the Parish Charity. This criticism about process might be warranted it might not but why do the new council feel the need to be so critical of those who have served before them.

Despite requests for more information, I have not yet seen any evidence to support claims that the previous council were planning to increase the monthly rent of £2 for the village hall or were deliberately delaying the lease renewal process.

I’m also left wondering if they are working for the whole community or the single issue group who run the village hall.

Have a read and make up your own mind about what’s going on and if you have any further information, not gossip or accusations, please message or e mail [email protected]

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