Cllr David Gough Credit Shiptonthrope Parish Council.

Writing on a social media site under the name ‘Spartan’ Cllr David Gough says:

“last months public forum 1 councillor and a member of the public read a statement re a lease fiasco however the evidence on file does not support there assertions at all , this council meeting next week we will be asked to vote to accept the minutes including these 2 docs how do i get to correct these statements ie is it a point of order or a standing order or similar i need to raise any idea please would be appreciated is there a standing order i need to relate to”

He is referring to a statement from Cllr Robert Ducker and one from a former parish councillor Janet Miller.

Cllr Gough doesn’t seem to understand that minutes are a record of what was said. Just because you disagree with what was said you cannot simply ask for it to be changed or vote against it.

If this was the case most of what Cllr Gough has said since May would have been changed.

It seems to me that Cllr Gough is happy to dish out statements but is not happy about providing evidence to substantiate his own assertions. The only two documents he has provided prove his previous claims about plans to increase the village hall rent to be wrong.

He has not replied to several e mails I have sent asking him to justify his previous claims and the council has not answered any questions from my last three FOI requests.

According to the agenda for tonight’s meeting he is due to make another statement. Of course no member of the public will be able to challenge him and the other councillors will sit quietly while he addresses the masses.

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