Pocklington Provincial Ward Councillor Andrew Cousins.

Further to various posts over the last weeks, we can confirm that we have been pushing for proper maintenance of the roads in Pocklington and surrounding areas, as have Pocklington Town Council.

Roads maintenance plans recently published will have been in planning for a considerable length of time and do not reflect our activities to better represent Pocklington Provincial Ward.

Currently we can confirm that planned carriageway improvements for Pocklington include;

  • Roads on Sherbuttgate
  • Market Place and Market Street
  • Denison Road
  • Union Street
  • Railway Street
  • West Green
  • The Mile

Some will happen in 2024, but the main body of the works will start in February 2025, there will be a communications programme starting in mid-2024 which will include letter drops to houses directly impacted.

Pocklington Town Council’s website is a good place to find updated information.

In addition, we have had confirmation that repairs will continue to these roads up to the point of refurbishment. We continue to push for repair and refurbishment of the A1079, particularly at junctions that have seen a number of accidents.

Your Ward Councillors and the town council push for our share as hard as we are able. But, Council budgets across the country are under severe pressure, with protected services coming first, ERYC’s road maintenance back log sits at around £300m due to insufficient funding over the last 14 years.

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