The first Conservative newsletter since the last local election makes interesting reading.
The front page declares that ‘It was Conservative Councillors, led by Ward Cllrs Paul West. Kay West and David Sykes who got ERYC to challenge the Gladman Development’.
This is news to me. Pocklington Town Council wrote to ERYC asking them to take the decision to appeaI. Cllr Mike Stathers supported this and pressed for ERYC to fund the legal costs of the High Court challenge (which was challenged by the Lib Dems who thought it was a waste of money). I never saw any evidence of our ward cllrs saying or doing anything.
The article ignores the fact that it was ERYC Officers who miscalculated the number of developments that had commenced. Paul West even admitted it had been a ‘cock up’ This led to the High Court giving the go ahead to Gladman to build 350 new houses on the Balk.
Remember the officers work for ERYC which has been controlled by the Conservatives since 1066.
The Ward Cllrs have been asked by me and town cllrs what steps have been taken to ensure this cannot happen again. To date no response has been received.
The moral of this post is don’t believe anything you read in any party newsletter or leaflets which have started coming through your letter box ahead of the local elections next May.
FACT. 350 new homes are being built in Pocklington because East Yorkshire Council, led by the Conservatives, cocked up their data.
There’ll be more about Tory and Lib Dem spin operations in the coming days.

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