Following the flash floods back in October which affected Burnby, Hayton, Fangfoss, Bolton and Spittal, a number of residents were refused access to thousands of pounds of funding which were available to other parts of the country. This was because East Yorkshire had not reached the qualifying threshold for flooded properties.

Although our county was fortunate to escape wide scale impacts seen elsewhere the impact to people was just as severe. For this reason, Pocklington Provincial Ward Cllr Dale Needham and fellow Cllr Jeremy Wilcock proposed a motion asking the East Riding council to:

Write to the Government and local MP’s urging them to immediately adopt a more sympathetic attitude and to allow East Yorkshire residents to benefit, regardless of numbers.

The motion passed and the letter was sent on 18 April 2024 to Michael Gove, MP’s Emma Hardy, David Davis, Sir Greg Knight, Andrew Percy, and Graham Stuart.

The letter requested the Government to give urgent consideration to amending the ‘Flood Recovery Framework’ so that households or businesses flooded during a named storm can benefit from the framework when it is activated, regardless of the number of other properties flooded in the immediate geographical area.

We’ll keep you updated on developments here on the Bugle.

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