In their written response to the application PTC said the caravan park development would result in a loss of openness in a key open area of the Barmby Moor neighbourhood plan, in contravention of its policies. It would result in coalescence and furthermore would contravene policies in the ERYC Local Plan and would jeopardise the ability of Pocklington Town Council to preserve and defend the adjacent key open area designated in the Pocklington neighbourhood plan.

The Pocklington Local Plan makes specific mention of the importance of the gap between Pocklington and Barmby Moor which serves an important role in maintaining the individual characters of the settlements by preventing coalescence.”

The shortest distance between a house garden in Barmby Moor and the edge of the Pocklington Industrial Estate (measured by Google maps) is only 450M and this development would use up 195M of that, i.e. reduce the gap by 43%.

Concern was also expressed at the PTC Planning sub committee meeting last week about the suitability of one of the directors involved with the application.
Developer Wayne Lowe demolished a 200 year old pub at Long Riston without planning permission. He was later fined £54,000 and ordered to rebuild the ‘heritage asset’ – which was the only pub in the village of Long Riston and was in the local conservation area – but failed to follow the agreed plans.

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