What with all the excitement 😉 over the elections for ward councillors we have neglected to mention the Town Council.

There are 13 town councillors and if more than 13 people had been nominated there would need to be an election. As there are only 9 nominations you will not be asked to vote for town councillors.

The 9 nominees are:

  • Richard Bryon
  • Sue Carden
  • Roly Cronshaw
  • James Davison
  • Jon Duke
  • Patrick John
  • Stephen McCann
  • Stephen McMillan
  • Pam Powell


Eight are currently Town Councillors.

Interesting to note the return of James Davison who resigned just a few months ago after attending just 2 meetings.

Not standing again are Jo Green, James Pink , Ruth Hodgson and Dean Hodgson.

I would like to ask that you join me in thanking all our town councillors for the work they have do on our behalf. Among their many responsibilities they plan and manage several local events, scrutinise planning applications, monitor what’s going on in the town, keep it tidy and over the past year have overhauled the governance of the Arts Centre and finalised the towns local plan. They are all volunteers and in my personal opinion are much more effective than all three ward councillors put together.

The resulting 4 vacancies will likely be filled by co-option after the election.

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