At the last full meeting of the East Riding Council, Pocklington Provincial ward councillor Andrew Cousins asked the leader of the council to ensure that additional budget is made available to ensure the safety of the A1079 given the number of recent accidents. These in turn have recently led to the full closure of the road.

Responding on behalf of the council Cllr Paul West gave a history lesson of improvements made to the A1079 since the Viking invasion.

It turns out the road was de-trunked in 2004 to become a road managed by East Yorkshire Council. Since then, a lot of work has been done to improve safety including new crossing points, junctions, mobile safety cameras and traffic police enforcement. By 2011 the improvements had lifted the road from high risk to medium risk. By 2012 it was judged to be low to medium risk and it retained that rating in 2023.

Observant readers will note that Cllr West did not actually answer Cllr Cousins question. Nor does he even ackowledge the accidents or the impact that they have on the injured, thier relatives, residents, communties or road users.

We can only assume that the council have no concerns about the recent accidents and have no plans for future investment in the A1079.

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