Sir David Davis, who will try to question ministers about the scandal in parliament today, has told the BBC the Post Office scandal is “such a big issue”.

“All of the cases depend on one single lie, and that is nobody but the postmasters and mistresses could access their computers,” he told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme this morning.

“We now know that to be untrue. I see no real reason, no logical reason you can’t have a mass case, mass appeal on that basis. There are now tens of millions of people who care about this – care a lot. They’re furious in many cases.”

Davis, a former cabinet minister and conservative candidate for the new Pocklington and Goole constituency said the reason the issue was only now at the top of the political agenda was “a failure of imagination on people’s part”.

We do not know what Sir Greg Knight the current MP for Pocklington thinks about the scandal.. He last tweeted about the Autumn Statment on 22 November 2023, his website was last updated on January 3rd 2024 when he backed the cut in national insurance. No press releases have been made available so far this year.

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