News from the Potting Sheds

Allotments were discussed at this week’s monthly Town Council meeting. A member of the public raised the fact that the Horticultural Society have been asked to vacate their existing cabin on the allotments which they have operated from since 1985. This would mean they have to find another unit from which they can store and sell supplies to other allotment holders. He said that there had been a verbal agreement about securing another location, but nothing had been put in writing and he was concerned that costs would be incurred by the society.

A gentleman from the allotment society said a plot had already been identified for the Horticultural Society and as far he was concerned there wasn’t a problem.

It was agreed that a meeting between the Council, Horticultural Society and allotment society would be arranged early in the New Year to clarify the situation.
(Sorry I can’t name those who spoke, but they weren’t identified. Nor were details given about the reasons for the move.)

Later in the meeting Cllrs agreed to renew the standard annual tenancy agreement for allotment holders without any changes.

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