Over the last few weeks I’ve seen a few people ask what’s happening about the much discussed new roundabout on the A1079 near the Balk.
To clarify the situation I asked Town and Ward Cllrs if the roundabout would definitely be built. The Town Clerk and Ward Cllr Paul West said it has to be built as part of the planning conditions and that it should be designed and paid for by the developer.
After having looked around the planning portal there are already a number of documents relating to the site of the new roundabout including an archaeological and environmental survey.
I can also reveal that a draft location plan has been submitted as shown. It looks as though the current road will become a dead end adjacent to the Yorkway Motel and a new road will be created leading to the newly created roundabout.
So far as I am aware this might be the first time it has been shared.

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