After seeing and sharing the notice from PTC about an MP’s surgery tonight I waddled off to the Old Courthouse.

Sir Greg wanted to know how I knew he was there because no one was supposed to know he was there. After I explained I read it on the PTC webpage he said that the clerk should not have promoted the surgery as it was for people with serious issues who had booked an appointment.

I explained that if I’d have known he was having a surgery before 10am this morning I would have booked but I didn’t know. Which I said was a bit of an ongoing communication issue.

As I was there anyway, I asked if I could interview him about local issues, but he said a surgery was for constituents issues. I explained that I was a constituent and I had loads of issues he wasn’t convinced.

He asked what the story was for and I explained about the Bugle. He said he was aware of ithe Bugle and me and that I was politically biased. I explained that I was not and never have been allied to any political party but I had been critical of him due to is lack of communication. I objected strongly that he was trying to pin a political badge on me based on a biased perspective.

He asked me to write to him if I wanted an interview but I explained there was no point because he failed to respond on the last two occasions when I asked him to include me in his mailing list and another asking why he didn’t mention any local issues in his 2022 Christmas message.

He asked me to leave a list of my questions which I did. I am not hopeful of a response.

I’ve met a lot of MP’s in my time and I have to say that Sir Greg did not impress for so many reasons.

Apologies Pocklington I was going to ask him about dental provision, roads, what he was doing to help farmers etc etc. Now we’ll never know if he’s ever going to do anything apart from putting the clocks back.

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