Cllr Gareth Shephard

At the last Town Council meeting of 2023 Ward Cllr Gareth Shephard explained that another pot of Section 106 money is up for grabs. This is the money which developers contribute as part of the planning process.

In addition to making a bid for cash for Burnby Hall, Ward Cllrs have been asked by ERYC to come up with ideas relating to cycling and walking.

The last big project related to cycling was the installation of the new cycle path along the Balk which involved chopping down several mature trees.

One thing they could consider is improving the footpath along Kilnwick Road towards the KP resort when it leaves the Town Boundary. On New Years Day walkers had to walk on the road to avoid the large puddles therefore running the risk of an accident or getting soaked by the backwash from cars.

Please send your suggestions for cycling and footpath improvements to : [email protected]

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