Sir Ed Davey (L) Dale Needham (R)

East Riding Liberal Democrats have selected their prospective parliamentary candidate for the boundary changed seat of Goole & Pocklington.

Councillor Dale Needham represents Pocklington Provincial ward on the East Riding of Yorkshire Council.

On his selection he said:

“I’m both delighted and honoured to be selected by the local party for this new constituency seat which includes my own Pocklington Provincial council ward.”
“I met recently with the Westminster Lib Dem leader in Hull, Sir Ed Davey MP where he asked me what are local priorities were here and in that short time I was only able to cover SEND provision in our schools where we receive the worst funding in the country, Getting on a NHS dentist list, addressing flooding in the East Riding and obtaining a GP appointment . “

Dale stated that this was only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to delivering services and local residents deserved better in so many areas . The Tories at Westminster have starved local councils of desperately needed funding, requiring those like the East Riding to raid their reserves to fund the budget for this financial year that should only be used as the safety net .

Grown up decisions need to me made with funding for adult social care and how the NHS can develop more locally delivered health solutions and improve hospital waiting lists.

He is determined we should obtain our fair share of levelling up money from central government as local residents deserve better to improve the dire state of our roads where at best we are informed from East Riding they are operating a policy of managed decline! He is keen to see an integrated transport policy for the region benefitting from re directed funding from the scrapped Northern leg of HS2 to include the re-instatement of the Beverely to York railway line and cycleways to link out towns and villages.

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