My previous story about the proposed boundary changes did not include any submission by the Liberal Democrats or Labour.
This is because I failed to find any comments when filtering results for East Yorkshire. Thankfully Town Cllr James Pink was more tenacious and found relevant contributions from the other two parties.

Liberal Democrat Favoured option

The Liberal democrat Party is in favour of splitting the Market Weighton Wolds Ward and the creation of a new Pocklington constituency which would include Goole and South Hunsley.

They say:

In terms of the ward split in Wolds Weighton, we feel this is far less detrimental to the coherence of constituencies than any of the above. This is because Wolds Weighton consists of one market town and a series of small village parishes. In terms of shared community interests the ward boundaries here are much less meaningful as they simply cluster enough villages to meet the local government ward quota. There is no fundamental difference in shared interest or character between the villages of Pocklington Provincial Ward than those south of the A1079 which happen to fall into Wolds Weighton ward. In fact, given that the further westward you travel the more the villages look to York and Leeds and less towards Hull means that the villages we’re proposing splitting from the bulk of Wolds Weighton probably have MORE in common with Pocklington Provincial than they do with the villages to the eastern end of Wolds Weighton.

Labour Party Option

The Labour party didn’t submit too many words simply saying:
“We support the proposed Beverley & The Wolds CC”
Finally, a reminder that the local Conservatives favour a Wolds Weighton, Pocklington Provincial and Howden area constituency.

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