Earlier this week I mentioned that I wrote last week to the WLP asking for a bit more information about how the Trust was set up and how it makes decsions.
Today I am happy to report that I received a response.
The Wolds Learning Partnership is based in Pocklington and was established in 2017 by the Governing Boards and Headteachers of Pocklington Junior School, Woldgate School and Stamford Bridge School. Melbourne Primary School joined the partnership in 2018.
The partnership is one of three Multi Academy Trusts in this local area, the other being the Hull-based Education Alliance that is currently consulting on the academisation of a local Primary School and the St Cuthbert’s Roman Catholic Multi Academy Trust. We expect many other schools will opt to join one of these Trusts over the next few years.

The minutes of the Trust meetings are not published, but can be shared. We would be happy to respond to any specific questions you may have about the Trust. Information about our members can be found on our website We would, though, ask that you are conscious our Trust is small, although we will do our very best to respond promptly.

Schools within Pocklington and the surrounding villages either have a Church of England foundation (overseen by the Diocese in partnership with the Local Authority) or non-denominational status (overseen by the Local Authority). All schools, including Church of England schools (with the permission of the Diocese), can now opt to join a Trust of their choice and one they feel best suits their local village community. We would hope, as a local rural Trust, to ensure a school’s heritage, values and identity remain unique and to prevent the urbanisation of rural schools, so they can remain distinctive and independent, as Local Authorities over the next decade opt, like many others nationally, for schools to be overseen by Trusts rather than themselves. We also, as you might expect, work with our children from age 3 to age 19, overseeing their education from starting school to moving onto a career, apprenticeship or university and we know the many benefits of working collaboratively with schools that are part of the same Trust.

Woldgate School is currently consulting on potential changes to its admission policy for 2024 to 2025 to ensure families who currently have children attending Trust primary schools, but live beyond Woldgate School’s historic catchment area, are not disadvantaged. The school is currently oversubscribed but will have additional places due to the increased capacity of the new £36 million school. Woldgate School would like to reassure parents that all children who attend a Local Authority school and live within the current catchment, will continue to be able to secure a place at Woldgate School in 2024 to 2025, if the new proposals are adopted following consultation.

A couple of obersvations.
The WLP did not answer my question about why the WLP was established.
I did not receive a response to my point that the list Trustees included two Diocesan Representatives in 2020 but that there are no names against these positions now.

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