Since writing a few weeks ago about police staffing levels in Pocklington I have been pursuing a number of lines of enquiry about staffing, poor communication and visibility.

In order to present a full and balanced picture I would like to thank them for helping to move the travellers off the rugby pitch last week. I also think they do a good job in general and are under resourced.

However – Humberside police could do much better when it comes to communicating. On 19 June I submitted a FOI about staffing levels. Despite a promise to respond within 20 days they still haven’t got back to me. Even Cllr Hammond, a mate of the Police Commissioner, hasn’t been able to find out why they haven’t responded.

Have you ever tried to phone Humberside police. The only number you will find is 999 or 101.

Try raising a question on their website and you will have to fill in an online form. I’ve filled in 3 during the past 2 months and not received a reply to any.

If you look at the local website there is no phone number or e mail address. If you want to contact them your only option is to fill in an online enquiry form. It tells you that Pocklington station is open to callers Tuesday to Thursday. However, following the retirement of a member of staff it has been closed for weeks but there’s no mention of this on their website. There are no upcoming meetings or events, and the crime stats were last updated in April.

Goole Police often update their Facebook Page 4 times a day. Pocklington Police have posted twice in the last four weeks.

Their Pocklington website states: “We are out in your communities, visible, listening and working with you to deliver the services you need”

I would have thought ‘Pockdown’ would have been a great opportunity to be visible and raise their profile but I didn’t see any police presence.

In an ideal world our locally based bobbies would be considered part of our community. Instead, I think they are remote, isolated and hiding behind a website and a closed door.

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