Just received this newsletter from the Conservative prospective parliamentary candidate in the next general election.

David Davis MP says he’s not a fan of leaflets, but this is a special one to introduce himself as the Conservative candidate for our new Goole and Pocklington Constituency.

There’s no doubt that David Davis is a big hitter on the national stage but what’s he like when it comes to constituency matters? If this newsletter is anything to go by not great.

His Facebook page has 1,000 followers but he has 190,200 Twitter followers and he tweets almost daily. His Facebook page mentions two local stories Telegraph poles in Hessle on 15 March and a new platform at Howden railway station in August last year.

The newsletter features a piece by East Yorkshire Council leader Ann Handley praising his support for additional funding for children with Special Educational Needs. There’s a story about him supporting victims of the post office scandal and another about the early opening of Bubwith Bridge. On the back of the newsletter there are pictures of him opening a couple of factory extensions and a banking hub.

I haven’t seen anything that really persuades me he has been working tirelessly for his existing constituents. But he is on the telly and radio a lot talking about big issues like Brexit implementation, the Kings speech, the British army, and Ukraine. Unlike our current MP, if you follow his Twitter feed, you’ll know what his views are on a range of topics. Unlike our current MP he certainly can’t be accused of being silent.

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