Humberside Police have finally got round to fixing their IT issues which means that information about local crime statistics is now available.

On the face of it there’s doesn’t seem much to get excited about. Pocklington police recorded 60 crimes in November compared with 41 in December last year. The quarterly averages for the past three years are about the same at 60 recorded incidents a month.

There is always a lot of chatter about anti-social behaviour in the area and yet only 2 incidents seem to have been officially reported during November plus 4 public order incidents.

What stands out is that 48% of incidents were related to violent and sexual offences.

Perhaps we should be more worried about what happens indoors rather than what’s going on in the Town centre.


Anti-social behaviour                    2             3.3%

Bicycle theft                                     2             3.3%

Burglary                                           5             8.3%

Criminal damage and arson        10           16.7%

Drugs                                                1             1.7%

Other theft                                       2             3.3%

Possession of weapons                  2             3.3%

Public order                                     4             6.7%

Robbery                                             1             1.7%

Shoplifting                                         1             1.7%

Theft from the person                   1             1.7%

Violence and sexual offences      29           48.3%


Another interesting statistic is that I can find no information about anyone being charged or prosecuted. I’m not too sure if that’s a good or bad thing?

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