On Wednesay 12 January 2023 in the House of Commons Wes Streeting the ‘Shadow Secretary for Health and Social Care’ put a motion before the house to condemn the Government for failing to recognise the current crisis in the National Health Service.

As a result of Government mismanagement, hundreds of lives may be being lost every week due to the collapse of emergency care while patients are finding it impossible to get a GP appointment, ambulance or operation when they need one.
He called on the Prime Minister to acknowledge the crisis and act with the necessary urgency to mitigate the impact on patients and further calls on the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care to ensure the NHS is never in this situation again by bringing forward a long-term strategy which will end delayed hospital discharges, provide the NHS with the necessary staff to treat every patient in good time, and reform primary and community care to reduce the number of people needing hospital treatment.
The MP for Pocklington Sir Greg Knight joined 295 of his colleagues to vote against the motion which received 175 votes in support.

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