Did you know that we have a world leading manufacturing company based here in Pocklington?

The company is ‘Detectamet’ and they have bases in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Asia and Europe but their HQ is based on the industrial estate near the gliding club.

They make detectable tools, pens, workwear etc which can be detected by metal detectors and X ray which means that if anything they make falls into a tin of beans or a cake mix it can be detected before it leaves the factory. If these contaminants aren’t detected and they reach the consumer, a company would be faced with an expensive recall, which could seriously harm a brand’s reputation.

This month they are celebrating their 20th year in business with parties at all their locations across the world.

Founded in 2003, they have evolved from an independent start-up organisation to a multi-national manufacturer & supplier of food-safe stationery, PPE, tools & equipment.

The founder and CEO is Sean Smith who says:

“It’s amazing to see how far this business has come in 20 years! When I started this business in Pocklington in 2003, I would have never imagined where we are today, supplying brands loved by millions with our metal detectable products.
This milestone is testament to our hard-working team, and hints at the potential that this organisation has to invest, grow and expand further.”

Happy Birthday Detectamet! We need to hear more about successful companies which are on our doorstep.

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