ERYC Leader Cllr Anne Handley.

ERYC Leader Cllr Anne Handley has announced that Hull and East Riding’s devolution negotiations are reaching the final stages with the Government.

It is anticipated that the Chancellor’s autumn statement on 22 November will announce a draft devolution deal for Hull and East Yorkshire.

Speaking yesterday she said:

“I would like to point out that this will go before overview management committee and scrutiny before a special meeting of full council, so you and our residents can see what East Yorkshire devolution would really mean to them.

“I have repeatedly stated that a mayoral combined authority is absolutely the right way forward for our region, ensuring we have more funding and power to make important decisions at a local level and put East Yorkshire in control of its own destiny.

“We do not want to be the only area of Yorkshire without a devolution deal, or miss out on the greater powers and funding that are only open to devolved areas. We want to be trailblazers and tap into the opportunities that Manchester and the West Midlands have access to.

She said the proposed deal represents the best opportunity to bring additional funding and control to East Yorkshire.

The council will review the draft deal and authorise a public consultation.

The results of the consultation will then be analysed and compiled into a report, and presented again the council, at which point, councillors will be asked whether or not to submit the proposal to the Government to create a new Hull and East Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority.

Comment: Worth noting that there will not be a local referendum. The nature of the public consultation is yet to be announced. It will be difficult for people to provide feedback given that we do not as yet know how much money will come into the county or how it will be spent. Nor do we know the costs of setting up and running a Mayors department.
There is always the possibilty that any extra cash could be used to fund existing capital projects which would indirectly address any future budget shortfalls.
If this all goes ahead it’ll be interesting to see if Cllr Leo Hammond puts himself forward as a candidate for Mayor. He has certainly been making every effort to ensure his name is associated with any positive story about ERYC during the last 6 months.

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