Earlier this week a post by Bugle member Stephen Bedford caught my eye. It was about an appeal against a planning decision for a development at 92 Barmby Road. The property is actually in the Parish of Barmby Moor but it is right on the border with Pocklington. (See location map).

It appears that the owner Mr David Fielder is objecting because his son and grandchild are homeless and having to live in one of Mr fielders other houses.

Having done a bit of research, since 2015 Mr Fielder has submitted multiple planning applications to develop this land. In 2019 he applied to build 20 houses on the plot. The application, along with the others, was rejected by ERYC planners.
In his appeal this time Mr Fielder is arguing that:

  • There are no single plots available for self or custom housebuilding in Pocklington or surrounding villages.
  • The Barratt David Wilson development does not provide any custom-build plots.
  • No further residential allocations are proposed in the Local Plan. There is, therefore, no opportunity now or in the foreseeable future for self or custom housebuilding in Pocklington.
  • Although the current operation of the Gliding Club places some limits on development to the west of the town, it does not limit all developments.


The above info is a very short summary of what is available online on the ERYC Planning portal.
Links to the ERYC planning portal tend to be a bit flaky so I have posted the Planning Appeal form and statement of case here where you can download them.

You can comment on the appeal here:
You will have to register and then search for case no: 3319067

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