Earlier this week I posted a story about the amount of traffic the new holiday lodge development in Barmby Moor.

The information I used appears on the ERYC planning portal and was submitted by the consulting engineers for the project who used an online tool called TRICS to estimate traffic flows.

Those figures have been challenged by local resident Chris Kane who says:

“The TRICS data has been taken from sources which are not comparable to Barmby Moor.
The 7 sites used for ‘change over day’ trip generations are all in fantastic locations with great facilities on hand or very close by so you have no need to leave the site by vehicle if at all and that many are right on the beach ……hence the TRIC numbers used are very low.

By contrast the Barmby Moor site, other than a petting zoo has nothing to keep holiday makers on site. Holiday makers would have to leave by car for shopping and to seek out leisure activities and entertain the children, such as trips to the coast., York or Flamingo Land for example “.

In addition, the estimate does not include.

  • Change-over days where departures and arrivals will be concentrated in peak travel times.
  • Staffing trip generation.A multitude of service, delivery and the like vehicles arriving and departing on change over days.
  • Any sensitivity analysis to show the effect of the hourly estimates being out on timings (a worst-case scenario). The upshot of which could increase the hourly rates to 51 and 65 at peak times.


In his document submitted through the planning portal Chris estimates that once all of the above is taken into consideration the development could generate 620 trips on a change over day.

He thinks that the increased amount of traffic will lead to more cars using the A1079 T junction which could lead to accidents and cause issues for residents.

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