On Wednesday evening the directors of Langland’s Garden Centre felt the need to publish a response to an anonymous letter from a ‘Shiptonthorpe Resident’ sent to East Riding of Yorkshire Council Chief Executive Caroline Lacey.

The letter claimed that Robert Ducker, the chair of Shiptonthorpe Parish Council and a director of Langland’s is offering inducements to get people to vote for him in May. The inducements are in the form of discounts when buying goods at Langland’s Garden Centre. The sender also forwarded a copy to the ‘Village Hall Committee’ and a local councillor.

Langlands Letter

In a Facebook post Managing Director Robert Ducker denied the claims and explained that the loyalty card was for everyone. He added that Langland’s has always supported the local community.

Abie Ducker said on Facebook on Wednesday night that Langland’s has the best interests of the community at the forefront of everything they do. This is not how Shiptonthorpe should move foreward together. Possibly a reference to a group of residents who are making a bid to get elected as Parish Councillors in May.

There are many positive Facebook comments in response to the letter including the fact that Langlands has been very generous to the local community over the years.

It would be tempting to think that this letter is sent as a joke but it comes a few weeks after offensive and malicious letters were sent to at least two people connected with Shiptonthorpe Parish Council which have been reported to the police.

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