Whilst loitering around the surgery car park I heard many positive comments about the way the flu clinics had been organised. Following the weekend flu clinic a couple of weeks ago, I asked the surgery to let me have some figures to show what they had achieved over the last couple of months.
Today the surgery provided me with the following information to share with you.
Flu vaccines season is always a busy time for the Practice exacerbated by the addition of a COVID vaccine, which for the Autumn Boosters is 50 years and over with at least 91 days from their previous vaccine. Trying to balance this can be complicated as the patients 65 by 31 March 2023 and over have a different vaccine for flu to the under 65s therefore we initially ran separate clinics for the two cohorts. The over 65s are always the first vaccines we receive and therefore the planned clinics are normally on a Saturday for these which enables us to deal with 700-800 per session. We ran Tuesday evening clinics for the under 65s which we hope gives them some flexibility around work. Some statistics:
  • 11 walk through clinics, 6 Saturdays and 5 Tuesday evening clinics. We have one more clinic planned for Saturday 3rd December, this will be to vaccinate any over 65s, 18-64 year olds in an at risk category and all over 50s for both covid and/or flu vaccine.
  • 4573 patients over 65 received invitations and 3741 have been vaccinated here with some declined and some vaccinated elsewhere we have just 250 left to vaccinate. The majority of our patients had both their covid and flu vaccines at the same appointment
  • There are two groups of the under 65s, those with at risk factors e.g diabetes, asthma, heart failure and those 50 plus who are not at risk, over 5100 invitations have been sent out but only 1504 vaccinated, again most had both covid and flu.
  • The logistics of managing the flu/covid clinics involves between 8 -12 staff including GPs/nurses and administrators. We also rely heavily on the awesome volunteers who have helped us with the car park and booking patients in.
  • In addition to our adult population we have vaccinated 146 2-3 year olds with a further 69 booked in this still leaves us with 150 who have not yet booked their appointment. The children’s nasal flu’s are carried out by our very experienced nurses who run clinics during the week and on Saturday mornings. Mums/Dads/Guardians please ring and book your children for their nasal flu vaccine.
  • For our adult population, please call the surgery to book your slot on 3rd December. 1500 under 65s still to be vaccinated and just 150 over 65. If you don’t want a vaccine then it is important you let us know.

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