Move Mates Pocklington

Address: Pocklington

Move Mates is a walking buddy project which makes getting out for a walk a reality for people who would otherwise find it difficult to leave their homes. Our volunteers give people the confidence and moral support to leave their homes and go for a walk, improving their physical health, reducing isolation and ultimately making people feel happier!

We pair people with one of our trained, friendly, local volunteers to meet regularly for a walk. These regular walks boost people’s confidence, reduce anxiety and improve physical and mental health outcomes.
Move Mates helps adults of all ages by providing motivation and company, enabling people to become more active and less isolated.

Our wonderful volunteer Move Mates support people to get out for a walk – for any purpose – when they would usually struggle to do so on their own.
In Pocklington we are recruiting volunteers to become ‘Move Mates’ as well as taking referrals for people who would benefit from the service. People can request this for themselves too.

You can find out more about us on our website as well as sign up to volunteer, or request a Move Mate.
Charity number: 1179679

Information provided by: Sarah Wilson. Communications and Project Officer

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