British Heart Foundation

Address: Pocklington, UK, YO42 2DH

Our Fundraising Groups and Branches are the face of the British Heart Foundation in their local communities. We have over 200 Groups and Branches across the UK made up of volunteers with more opening every month.

Our Local Fundraising Groups are all different each running their own fundraising events, supporting schools and local businesses, organising collections and so much more.

If you would like to join or support your local fundraising group contact them on the phone number or email above.

Your local group supports the BHF through:

  • We organise fundraising events in our community
  • We organise sporting  and challenge fundraising events in our community
  • We engage with our local schools who fundraise for us
  • We hold collections in our local area
  • We collect In Memoriam donations from Funeral Directors
  • We provide BHF representation in the community such as for cheque presentations and talk
Information provided by: Delia Smith

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