Richard Kelly

Reform UK


Scottish-born, Richard Kelly moved to Leeds as a youngster, where he spent much of his childhood before moving to Hull, where he lives today.

A bricklayer by trade, Richard began work as a brickie’s labourer and did college and apprenticeships. He learnt other trades, such as plastering, joinery, and installing fitted kitchens.

These days, Richard has a string of companies, including Harkins Care, which owns and runs care facilities across East Yorkshire. His business interests also include offering home care, respite care, building new homes for disabled people, as well as rental property and holiday lets.

When Brexit came along, Richard became interested in politics, believing the UK would be ‘better off out’ with it having its own oil, gas, land and other resources.

It also should not “get involved with other regimes.”

He said: “I’m not a politician. I don’t like politicians.

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