Jayne Phoenix

Liberal Democrat

I’m Jayne Phoenix and I’m honoured to be your Liberal Democrat Parliamentary candidate.
In so many ways our country is broken. The economy, the NHS, the climate, housing, all in crisis after years of Conservative neglect.
Schools are underfunded, more people are using food banks, with several in our area.
In this election I believe we need to transform the nature of politics so we can give people the Fair Deal we deserve.
We need to speak to residents, listen to their concerns about our damaged health system, hear about them not getting to see a Doctor, not being able to register with a dentist, having to travel miles to see a consultant when our local hospitals are under utilised.
I am not a career politician, I’m a local councillor, a Mum and a member of the community in Bridlington.
I am here to listen, to act and to deliver real change.
Every vote for the Liberal Democrats is a vote for fairness.
I hope over the past two years as a Councillor I have proven myself to be hardworking and a dedicated public servant. Win or lose I am committed to this area and whoever crosses the line on polling day I hope they will give Bridlington and the Wolds the representation they have wanted for so long.
If you choose me as your MP I will do all I can to assist everyone in our community

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