Dr Liam Draycott

Labour Party


I was raised and still live in Sutton-upon-Derwent. I went to the Church of England Primary School in our village, Woldgate Secondary School, and then on to Norwich to study History for my bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, and PhD. I have spent many years in the mental health sector. I have also taught at secondary level and continue to teach at the University of York. I will bring all my experience to bear on vital reforms in health and education.

Personal Statement

The Conservatives are leaving our country in a worse state than they found it. This is unforgivable. Labour will stop the chaos and restore stability. The NHS waiting list is running into the millions, mortgages and food are costing a fortune, sewage is pouring into our rivers, people are being asked to boil water to make it safe to drink, and criminals who are actually prosecuted are being released early from overcrowded prisons. The list, sadly, goes on. This is a result of Conservative chaos at Westminster as their MPs pursue their own interests, rather than tackle – head on – the issues that face you and your community.

Labour, however, is back in service of working people and has policies to deliver economic stability (with tough fiscal rules), secure borders (by launching a new Border Security Command), and a strong defence (by reversing the hollowing out of our armed forces). I will work relentlessly to reduce your energy bills, create a publicly-owned Great British Energy, cut NHS waiting times, crack down on anti-social behaviour, and break down barriers to opportunity. Labour will be a mission-led government with a long-term, fully-funded plan.

You may think you live in a safe Conservative seat. But various organisations have predicted Labour can win this new constituency. Send a clear message to David Davis and his party: enough is enough. Otherwise, they will feel entitled to continue exactly as they are doing, and nothing will change. If you want change, if you want the Conservatives out of power, vote for me, vote Labour.

The last time there was a General Election in July it was 1945, returning Clement Attlee’s Labour government, which gave birth to the NHS. Then, as now, there is a real chance to change for the better, your future, our community, and our country. To lead is to serve, and I am ready to serve you.

So, voter ID at the ready! If you want an MP straining every fibre and sinew for you, I ask, in all humility, that you please lend me your vote on 4 July.

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