Angela Stone

Green Party


Angela has lived in the same East Yorkshire Village for just under 20 years with her husband, Matt – a field ornithologist – and their two daughters.
Their youngest daughter is in her final A level year at Wyke College with her sights on “what next”, their eldest in her final year at Newcastle University studying Human Geography.
Angela represented the Green Party in the 2019 Election for the Haltemprice and Howden constituency – the small but mighty Green Army returned a respectable 3.5% of the vote share.
Earlier that year, May 2019, Angela had given the Conservatives a very close fought run for their money coming within only 44 votes of the incumbent Ward Councillor in the local election.
Originally from East Kilbride in Scotland, Yorkshire is home and she has established strong roots and connections to the area through various voluntary and professional roles – as Interim General Manager at Castaway Goole and formerly as General Manager of beloved local Venue Howden Shire Hall from 2014-2021.
She was appointed director of not-for-profit venue, Pocklington Arts Centre, in 2022
During Lockdown, Angela proudly served her community supporting local initiative, Howden Helpers.

Personal Statement

I’m a working Mum, fortunate enough to have a job I care passionately about that offers the opportunity to make a real grass roots difference in my community.  My contribution is small. It’s the people I work alongside, the volunteers and the people who believe in the power of connection, and who give their time and their hearts so selflessly, who are the everyday heroes in my eyes. They are making a difference and remind me every day that where there is a spark of humanity, there is HOPE.

“In my view, the word HOPE represents so much. It offers an alternative to the sickening realities of social injustice, war, corruption, and the mindless destruction of our planet.

“I have two daughters just ready to fledge the nest as adults and I carry anxiety and guilt for the world they have all their dreams pinned on. They share the sense of purpose, responsibility, and urgency that the time is NOW to demand real change – not just another predictable changing of the guard. The time is NOW to prioritise the climate emergency, humanity, and rebuilding community. That’s why I’m the Green Party candidate for Goole and Pocklington in the General Election.”

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