Barmby Fields Dog Walking Area

Address: Barmby Road, Pocklington, YO42 4ER
Additional Information:

Ideal for any dog owner

Do you have a rescue dog who is anxious in public areas? 

A dog who is protective and aggressive to other dogs or people?
Would you like your dog to run off the lead without the worry of him running off?
Perhaps you like to enjoy time with your dogs without the distraction of other dogs , cars and people?
Do you need a peaceful environment for you and your dog to spend time together?
Maybe your dog is recovering from an injury and needs a safe space to exercise?
Do you have an older dog who needs to take things easy in a peaceful safe space?

If so, Barmby Fields is perfect for you and your doggy (or doggies!)

We have 2 field compounds. Barmby Fields located just outside of Barmby Moor outside Pocklington, and East York Fields located just off the Hull road near Wilberfoss.

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