There was a meeting of the ‘Shiptonthorpe Parish Charity’ last week. I was not able to attend as the meeting was only open to residents of Shiptonthorpe. Thankfully information about what happened is beginning to filter out.

Cllr David Gough proposed sending a solicitors letter to former councillors. (It is not clear what the letter would have said or claimed).
After a discussion Cllr Lambert said he did not think they should proceed with this. Cllr Gough was adamant that the letter should be sent so there was a vote. All the councillors voted against sending a letter.
It’s also worth remembering that It was councillor Gough who told the clerk that unless she submitted her letter of resignation to him (not the chairman) within 48 hours he would instruct his solicitor to begin legal proceedings for slander.
On October 8 2023 he was boasting about taking legal action on a public online discussion board:

“litigation is expensive but with the right evidence context and deep pockets very rewarding having done this on 2 occasions. David Gough

This story is going to rumble on as I understand numerous complaints have been lodged with statutory bodies.

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